Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic Dentistry

A dentist who practices Orthodontics will perform procedure that will correct poor alignment, positioning of teeth, jaws and face structure. Braces or aligners are the best way to accomplish the desired look and feel of your teeth. Straight teeth helps in solving a lot of problems such as speaking, chewing or biting. In case it is required your dentist might perform methods to correct misaligned or problematic jaws.

On the other hand a dentist who performs Prosthodontics focuses on replacing the missing teeth which restores the dental function. When a person misses teeth he/she will have issues in communicating and eating. Apart from this the biggest effect they have is on their self confidence. Missing teeth gets replaced with prosthetic appliances like dentures, caps, crowns, or bridges. For those who desire a long lasting effect, our dentist will recommend an implant procedure.

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