Dr. Alex Kaufman

Dr Alex graduated from the University of Sydney with a Masters of Dental Science and is our principal dentist here at Orion’s Dental Rosebud.

Highly skilled, he founded this practice over 20 years ago with the famous catchphrase “We Cater For Cowards”. At the end of 2015, he joined the successful Orion’s Dental Group and continues to be Rosebud’s preferred and trusted dentist.

He is proficient in all aspects of aesthetic dentistry such as implants, crowns and bridges as well as minor oral surgery including wisdom teeth extractions and endodontics.

Dr Alex is a member of the Australian Dental Association and is proud to be living locally and contributing back to the Rosebud community. An interesting bit of trivia about Dr Alex, is that he previously won a Commonwealth Silver Medal representing Australia in Fencing at the 1970 British Commonwealth Games in Scotland.

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